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Indoor Farmer’s Market * Plant Nursery
Locally Sourced Foods

Open 7 Days a Week
9am – 6pm

We’ve made big changes for 2017 season!

New Indoor Market

Nursery / Landscaping

More of Everything

Same great location.

You can put this in your fancy GPS thingie and some robot lady in your car’s radio with tell you exactly how to get here:

2811 Holden Beach Rd
Holden Beach, NC

Directions: You know where the Hewett’s used to live? Well, you go down about a mile past there then you take … oh wait, the internet drew you a map.

Too many items to list them all, but here’s a few:

Muscadine Slushy * Apple Cider* Organic Artisan Breads *Apple Butter * Pumpkin Butter * Gardening Gloves * Rain Boots * Candies * Handmade Soaps * Amish Butter * Milk * Cheese * Coffees * Teas * Muscadine Cider *Condiments * Sauces * Locally Ground Corn Meal * Free-Range Eggs * Country Harm * Bacon * Side Meat * Sausage * Pimento Cheese *Dips * Nuts * Kettle Corn * Honey * Peanut Brittle * Field Peas * Corn * Watermelon * Homemade Pies * Peaches * Green Beans * Squash * Bleinhiem Ginger Ale * 


Fresh Produce

Whatever vegetable or fruit is in season, that is what we are pickin’. Whatever season is coming next, we’ve planted the seeds and are tending the seedlings. Summerlin Farms and Produce farms over 100 acres around Holden Beach, Supply and Ash. David Summerlin and Fallon Walker are just as home grown as their produce. David has a crazy love for produce farming and all the hard work that comes alone with it. Fallon has been serving locals and visitor southern favorites for years in her family’s restaurants. Together they have big plans for Summerlin Farms and Produce. We hope you’ll visit often and get a healthy dose of their love for home grown.

Last summer’s numbers looked pretty good!

average eggs per day from 130 free-range chickens

acres farmed in Holden Beach, Supply & Ash

total number of tomato plants – yep 40,000

pounds of boiled peanuts

Sweet Stuff

Homemade jams, jellies and local honey plus homemade bread to put ’em on! All are fresh from our local vendors in Brunswick County. FYI: The honey comes from the bees that pollinate our crops. We also carry sauces and salad dressing and pretty much anything that can be pickled.

And there’s other stuff…


Organic coffee and Blenheim Ginger Ale are a few of the liquid temptations available at Summerlin Farms. But the favorite is the muscadine slushy! Hereafter, Muscadines will always be capitalized.


From our free-range chickens just around the corner, lovingly gathered by Fallon’s own hands.

BTW– they’re the happiest chickens in Brunswick County!

Boiled Peanuts

We offer fresh peanuts boiled right here on-site by David. The peanuts come from fields not far from here in North and South Carolina. Come by and let David boil up some for you, your family, your friends…a great gift idea?


Used to be called “bushes” when they were outside. But folks today put ’em in decorative pots and put them on the porch. Some even bring ’em inside the house. Very chic and we got ’em. Raised from seedlings and waitin’ for a new home!